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“Salt of the earth” is a positive statement when talking about people, but a negative when applied to your vehicle. Whether you travel for work extensively, are a seasoned New Englander or live in a similar environment, the salt/brine base on the roads which keep you from sliding is also damaging your car. Rust is a problem and it’s costing you in more ways than you know.

Your car—an investment second only to your home—is rotting out from under you.

But, you don’t have to choose between safety and cost.

We understand. We’ve been where you are.

My name is Joe Dupont. Nearly 10 years ago, I became frustrated and concerned about the rust overtaking my truck. Our mechanics told us there was nothing we could do to stop the rust. My truck was my livelihood. I needed it for my business.

For over thirty years, I owned and operated a kitchen and bathroom cabinet business. But, in 2010, money was tight. There wouldn’t be money to buy a new truck. We needed to solve the problem. I have many neighbors who have been spreading their used motor oil over their vehicle with great results. So I began to research how to stop our New England truck from rusting through and in Europe, we found an answer.

Rustproofing for them was wildly popular, reminding me of the rustproofing era of the 80s in the United States. Europe proactive action against rust was just what we needed. They used an environmentally safe, effective, and inexpensive undercoating to protect their vehicles from the road brines corroding the undercarriage of their vehicles and we wanted to create the same.

As I’ve mentioned, we learned we aren’t the first drivers to be frustrated with rust and searching for a solution. Thanks to an early neighbor, I learned the importance of oiling the undercarriage of my car and in his explanation he told a story of the farmers who discovered the best way to rustproof their farm vehicles.

Story goes that farmers noticed the lack of rust on their farm tractors where oil leaks happened. They would spread used motor oil on all the metal surfaces and boom they had a solution. Talk about recycling! The farmers discovered that not only did this technique stop rust, but they were able to utilize what otherwise would have been useless engine oil.

At NH Oil Undercoating ®, we’re committed to providing an environmentally-friendly product which ones applied, stays on the undercarriage of your car and doesn’t drip onto your customer’s driveway.

Unable to find such a product on the market, we used a generic product (not engineered for the application) that was developed In the mid-1900s. Using the best technology available at the time, it was a lanolin-based product commonly used today in cosmetics. Sold as a multi-use product. In testing, however, it didn’t hold up to our expectations … so we went back to the drawing board.

Working closely with corrosion engineers, a team of chemists with over 40 years experience in automotive chemical coatings. we spent a number of years in research and development to create the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and long lasting product. NH Clear and NH Back-N-Black undercoating products are now being offered in hundreds of automotive stores and garages all across the country.

We want to involve our customers in our process, so they can see for themselves the benefit and cost savings of oil undercoating. From a window into the bay waiting room, customers are able to watch the entire process as we apply NH Oil Undercoating ®, then once finished, we invite them into the bay to see the finished application and answer any questions. Working night and day, we serviced just over 1800 cars in three months.NHOU training facility

Undercarriage rust is your vehicle’s number one enemy and is destroying the life span of U.S. automobiles and costing billions of dollars in repair each year. NH Oil Undercoating is committed to helping solve the major rust problems in the northeast and saltwater environments nationwide.

In 2009, we opened The Rust Stop Pros, in a one-bay garage next door to our home in Deering, New Hampshire. We installed a four post lift, applied undercoating to my own vehicles, then offered to help friends and neighbors, and soon NH Oil Undercoating ® was born. We are a family business and that includes our customers. We listen to our customers. We hear their concerns and we understand. We take to heart our social media reviews both positive and negative and as we educate our customers, they educate us on ways to improve our business, so we can get them safely back on the road.

With over 15,000 oil coatings under our belt, we’ve expanded to include Rustorations ®, wax/oils, protecting your vehicle from top to bottom.

Thanks to our loyal customers who return year after year, their trust a testament to our business and our product, we have now opened a second location in Concord then Chichester, New Hampshire. It is with their support and loyalty NH Oil Undercoating ® products and system is one of the most powerful weapons against undercarriage corrosion on the US market today.