Now you’re interested in becoming proactive with rust and wish you had started treating your vehicle when it was new. We can eliminate 70% to 80% of the rust you’ve accumulated over the years with our Rustoration® treatment. We have developed and manufactured our own proprietary Rust Converter, designed to work in conjunction with NH Oil Undercoating®. Maintain your annual treatments with us, and we will give you a transferable guarantee for the life of your vehicle!

How do we prepare the surface for application?

Good surface preparation will enable our Rustoration® Rust Converter to work effectively and leads to a high-quality end result. We will remove large rust and scale particles with a mechanical bristled brush, needle gun, or sandblaster, for up to two hours. The object of this step is to get any loose or flaking rust off as it does not provide a stable surface. The point is not to remove all the rust (this defeats the purpose of Rust Converter) as Rust Converter chemically bonds to the rust and seals it in.

Rustoration® Rust Converter cannot penetrate grease or oil, so a clean and de-grease surface is a must. ( Cannot be previously oiled ) This step ensures that other surface contaminants will not interfere with the reaction of the rust converter on the rusted surface. If the surface has been subject to saltwater spray, rinse the surface thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry prior to us applying Rust Converter

Before & After: Rustoration®

We’ve seen some pretty dramatic transformations in our years of applying NH Oil Undercoating®!